Buch Manufacturing Exhibit – March 9 to April 13

The Buch wheelbarrow is perhaps the most iconic item produced by the Buch industry.

Winters Heritage House Museum in Elizabethtown will be hosting an extensive collection of antique home and farm implements manufactured in Elizabethtown by Buch Manufacturing. The collection on display, owned by Matthew T. Swartz, will include pieces the company was famous for such as wheelbarrows and feed troughs and more unusual items of which only a few known to exist, such as a cast iron parlor stove and an umbrella stand.

A Buch Manufacturing lawn roller and a cast iron feed trough are prime collectibles for Buch Manufacturing enthusiasts.

Buch Manufacturing, as the business was known in later years, was started by Addison Buch who moved to Elizabethtown in 1868 and started a foundry. Over the years his business flourished and operated under several names usually those of the different partners, including Addison’s sons J. Harvey and Royer. Sadly, the Buch Manufacturing plant was closed in 1960 after nearly a hundred years of operation.

An Opening Night Gala is planned for Friday, March 9th, from 5pm-8pm, at the museum, and will include refreshments.

The exhibit will run March 9 through April 13, and can be seen during museum hours (Wednesdays through Fridays, 9:30am to 3pm) and by appointment. There is no admission, though donations are always appreciated. Contributions help offset the upkeep expenses of the museum’s two 1760s log houses. The museum is located at 47 East High Street in Elizabethtown, Pennsylvania. There is ample free parking in the lot behind the museum.