we invite you to enjoy this fun, outdoor, social distanced
walking tour of elizabethtown's historic murals! 

museum is now open with new interactive exhibits!

Talking Murals Tour 

As we move on into this crazy summer with limited gathering permitted, the museum is looking for new and fun ways to share our area’s history with people of all ages. 
We are excited to present a Talking Murals Tour of Elizabethtown’s public artwork. The four murals we will focus on are located in downtown Elizabethtown. Beginning July 3rd at 5pm, grab your phone and your family and hit the town for a fun stroll exploring Elizabethtown’s murals. We will link each mural to an entertaining and interactive explanation available through your smart-phone via a QR code posted at each stop; 

1. Activate your phone’s QR scanner and point it at the posted QR code 
2. When your camera scans QR code, it will activate it. 
3. Tap on the link that appears to go to the guided tour for the mural! 

 Having trouble accessing the QR codes? Or just want to virtually go on the tour from home? Click on a mural below to explore it! 

↓ Explore the murals ↓
The mural tour includes:  

Donegal to Donegal, by Wayne Fettro - located at the East High Street public parking lot
Cooper's Mural by Wayne Fettro - located on Lucky Duck’s northern wall
Railroad Mural mural by Elizabethtown College students - located on the town square (West High Street)
Elizabethtown’s First Four Centuries mural - located at the South Market St. parking lot

We hope you enjoy your walk through history!