Uniquely Elizabethtown; Our Architectural Treasures

an exhibit about our community’s architecture, assembled by Ben Wohlbowne.

What makes Elizabethtown look like Elizabethtown?

Ben’s exhibit explores the common elements found on buildings in our downtown business area. It focuses on our collection of Federal Style buildings, keystone windows, our Commercial Style cornices, and recessed shop entrances.

What are Elizabethtown’s unique structures?

Elizabethtown is home to several C. Emlen Urban buildings. The best known is our Moose lodge, located on the square. Others are the Poplar Street School, and the Telephone building on North Market Street.

Ben also cites the many turreted structures throughout the town, such as that found on the Heisey Building on South Market Street.


The Olweiler building has very unusual rusticated siding similar to that found on Mount Vernon.

Other fun features found around town include keystone arches, prism glass windows, and plenty of star and “S” bolts.  Explore our interactive room to uncover how these features work.