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Jonathon Rudy

Getting What You Want Through Peacebuilding and Nonviolence, Friday April 26, 2019

Winters Heritage House Museum in Elizabethtown hosted a conversation-style lecture by Jonathan E. Rudy, Peacemaker-in-Residence for Elizabethtown College’s Center for Global Understanding and Peacemaking.  We live in a time where our right to peaceful protest seems in jeopardy. This discussion explored methods we can utilize as we seek justice, peace and human rights in our world today.  Using situations from his work in the Philippines, the recent Green New Deal, and experience with climate activism, Jonathan Rudy lead a conversation on which tactics may best support peaceful, positive resolutions.

Jonathan teaches Peace and Conflict Studies as well as resources the college in peace related co-curricular offerings. He is Senior Advisor for Human Security at the Alliance for Peacebuilding and a Senior Fellow at the Social Enterprise Service Group as a subject matter expert in peacebuilding. With more than thirty-five years of work in 30 countries in Asia and Africa, Jonathan has focused his efforts at peacebuilding and conflict transformation at community and middle-out leadership.  His recent training energies have gone toward human security and civil society.

The lecture may be accessed via the following link:




David Bowne and Fletcher McClellan

Climate Change Conversation, Friday March 22, 2019

The Winters Heritage House Museum hosted two Elizabethtown College professors as part of the museum’s 2019 Conversation E-Town lecture series.  They examined the most current science on climate change and then entered a discussion of response strategies. Elizabethtown College professors, Dr. David Bowne (Biology) and Dr. Fletcher McClellan (Political Science) lead the conversation, from the museum’s H. U. Coble Community Room, located in the red brick Victorian house at 33 East High Street, Elizabethtown.  Conversation E-Town lectures are informal and interactive ways to discuss world situations, study their effects on our community, and provide a response strategy.

To access a video of this conversation, click the link provided:

Climate Change Lecture



Former Ambassador John B. Craig on US / Saudi Arabia Policies

John B. Craig gave a lecture titled “United States Foreign Interests; Why Saudi Arabia?” at the Winters Heritage House Museum in Elizabethtown. The talk explored the situations underway in Saudi Arabia. The presentation provided background information, and then proceeded to a conversational give and take with those attending. The informal event was held on Friday, February 9, 2018. People were invited to gather in the Winters Heritage House Museum’s Community Room, located in the red brick Victorian house at 33 East High Street in Elizabethtown. The event was free and open to the public.

An Elizabethtown native, Ambassador Craig worked for the U.S. Department of State as Ambassador to Oman. He worked in the White House for the Office of Combating Terrorism post 9-11. Currently he is Ambassador in Residence at the Center for Global Understanding and Peace at Elizabethtown College. The lecture was part of a series planned by the museum.

To see a YouTube video of this event, please access this link;

Ambassador Craig Lecture, US/Saudi Arabia foreign policy