American Heritage Chocolate


We proudly carry American Heritage Chocolate made in Elizabethtown by Mars Snack Foods, Inc.

This chocolate is made using an authentic 1700s recipe.  Visit to learn more about this wonderful product, explore recipes and learn about American chocolate history.

Here are the products we have available in the museum store:

Chocolate Stick — A stick of dark chocolate made with spices and 63% cacao.   $1.75/.42 oz. stick

Chocolate Sticks in a muslin bag — A fun surprise in a neat little package.  Seven mini sticks of chocolate in a soft muslin fabric drawstring bag.  1.5 oz.  $8.00/bag

Chocolate Block — Very useful for baking or chip some off for a quick taste of historic chocolate. Box contains two three-ounce blocks.  $14.00/box

Chocolate Drink Mix — a powdered version of the historic chocolate.  Use in recipes or to make outstanding hot cocoa.   $24.00/12.72 oz. canister