The History of Elizabethtown Baseball (360°/ 180° Virtual Exhibit!)



















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Did you know that the Klein Chocolatiers semi-pro baseball team once played against Babe Ruth? Did you know the pitcher who ended Pete Rose’s 44-game hitting streak went to Elizabethtown High school? Come explore the Baseball History Exhibit at the Winters Heritage Museum this March and learn more about the legacy of Elizabethtown baseball!

Four Elizabethtown College baseball team members have used their love for the sport to assemble this in-depth exhibition on the town’s fascinating baseball history. Andrew Fisher, Joseph Sarich, Michael Rajnik, and Arley Shepherd have been compiling research all winter for the exhibit that opens March 13, in the Winters Heritage House Museum.

The exhibit will take you from the 1910’s Elizabethtown semi-pro Klein Chocolatiers to the history of baseball at Elizabethtown College and on to spotlight multiple players from Elizabethtown High School who made a significant impact in professional baseball.