Library Resource List

This list will give you an idea of what we have in our library:

  • Alethia White’s Local Landmarks and History (a series of articles)
  • Alethia White’s History of Elizabethtown (a series of articles)
  • Architectural Analysis of 41 East High Street (an history summary of the Scots-Irish log house.)
  • Emma T. Amies Letters (a series of letters written during the Civil war between a soldier and nurse)
  • Harvey Reem’s Portals to the Past  (a series of articles written early and mid 1900s regarding Elizabethtown History)
  • Heritage House Restoration (articles and photos)
  • Local Deeds and Warrants dating to the 1700s
  • Historic Residences and Businesses (info on many assorted)
  • Maps (dating from the 1700s, covering deeds, warrants, geography, transportation and migration routes, etc.)
  • Newspaper articles regarding Elizabethtown History
  • Oral Histories with transcripts
  • Historical Photos of Elizabethtown, from 1800s to modern era
  • Assorted essays covering Elizabethtown history
  • Family histories (250 surnames)      Surnames List