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The Winters Heritage House Museum Newsletter goes out to our members on a quarterly basis. The newsletter includes our event calendar, historic stories of interest, museum news, and, of course, an historic advice column.  Please feel free to browse our past issues.


9-2019 Newsletter  Depression era exhibit, Dust bowl Comes to 1930s Etown, HU Coble House ribbon cutting,

6-2019 Newsletter Harvey Reem 1800s July 4 traditions, general museum happenings

3-2019 Newsletter Climate Change lecture, Spring Workshops, Ben Franklin’s Severed Serpent, Seamen’s Tattoos


12-2018 Newsletter 2018 Quilt Winner, Christmas recipes,

9-2018 Newsletter The WWII Munitions Plant that almost took farmland in Lancaster County, WWII Exhibit highlights, Dear Elizabeth  discusses transportation

6-2018 Newsletter Poison Ivy Cures, 1916 4th of July Memories archive article, Summer Calendar

3-2018 Newsletter Locust Grove Native American Heritage (Dale Good), Conestoga Wagon archive article, Upcoming Buch Manufacturing exhibit, Quilt Raffle winner, Spring Calendar



12-2017 Newsletter A Day in the life of Dear Elizabeth, Elizabethtown Photo Exhibit, New Staff; Maryann Swartz, We are Elizabethtown History

9-2017 Newsletter How Elizabethtown came to be, 1877 Diary of house constructed at 33 E High, Craft Show details

6-2017 Newsletter Shampoo History, George Bogg’s E-town memory of 1858, New roof photos, Quilt show wrap up, Bear Creek Colonial Day

3-2017 Newsletter  Bathing History, Trolleys between E-town and Hershey, Ambassador Craig Letter to Rex Tillerson, Lucky Duck History, Quilt Raffle Winner


12-2016 Newsletter  Historic winters of Elizabethtown, Quilt raffle update, Underwear History, Winter Classes

9-2016 Newsletter  Remembrance of war heroes, Buch Manufacturing, Museum projects & store updates.

6-2016 Newsletter  Beep and Huddy, Elizabethtown’s Canal Boat Conundrum, Some Gave All, Memorial Day Parade

3-2016 Newsletter Eagle Scout Project, Mutt the Policeman, New Museum Class Structure


12-2015 Newsletter  Elizabethtown Square fire (1892), Elizabethtown College interns

9-2015 Newsletter  Star Barn moves to Elizabethtown, Kobel Grave at Conoy Crossing (update), Native American Artifacts display

6-2015 Newsletter Fourth of July Parades 100 years ago, Mary Karnes Retires, Seibert Library 248 surnames, Elizabethtown College intern projects

3-2015 Newsletter Remembering Etown heroes Robert Reem and William Port, Haldeman Mansion,1833 Meteor Shower,


12-2014 Newsletter  Elizabethtown High School Bear Mascot history, Kobel Grave and others at Conoy Crossing (Part III),   Chocolate fun facts

9-2014 Newsletter  Old Photos of Elizabethown, new museum logo, Elizabethtown Railroad Photo Exhibit, Kobel grave and others at Conoy Crossing (Part II)

6-2014 Newsletter  Harvey Eshelman’s Blimp on Display at Media WWII Museum, Kobel grave and others found at Conoy Crossing (Part I), Aberdeen Mills

3-2014 Newsletter Simon Bishop Studios, Jamie Rowley Roast, Harvey Reem RR Tunnel Construction Story (1932)


12-2013 Newsletter  Colonial Christmas history, PA Christmas Dutch Traditions, Conoy Creek bridge on West High St., (Alethia White),

9-2013 Newsletter Original town plan by Barnabas Hughes,  Dottie Leban remembered, Elizabethtown 100 Years Ago Photo Exhibit

6-2013 Newsletter Esther Winters and Pharmacy Display, College intern Sarah Thomas, Don Brown Postcard collection

3-2013 Newsletter  Civil War Romance Quilt (Mary Amies letters), Philadelphia Train Trip Planned